PiKISS for Raspberry Pi: A bunch of scripts with a menu to make your life easier.

The following is from the piKiss GitHub website


[ Introducing PiKISS ]

Install an application on Linux is not a complex task. Sometimes just type sudo apt install and get the application installed with all its dependencies. But… What if we need to install more than one app such as a web server or it requires many steps to complete the install process?, Is it not in the official repositories?, What if you want to get rid of input commands?. Please, an easy way to set up my WIFI network!.

Don’t despair. PiKISS has come to help you…

PiKISS (Pi Keeping It Simple, Stupid!) are scripts (Bash) for Raspberry Pi boards (Raspberry OS mainly, TwisterOS and Debian derivates, all of them in 32 bits versions), which has a menu that will allow you to install some applications or configure files automatically as easy as possible.

The idea is to offer facilities to manage your operating system, selecting an option in a menu and answer [Yes/No]. If you need to check dependencies, install an app, modify a script at boot, add a line to a file or download other, PiKISS will do it for you.

I include not only the ability to install, but also compile programs. Do you have problems when compiling your favorite emulator?, Have you forgotten to modify a line in the source code and now you have to recompile again for 4 hours?. Laugh your now all this with PiKISS.

What some users have said about PiKISS:

  • “It could have happened to me!”
  • “That’s silly! (I’m going to install it as soon as I get home)”
  • “I don’t need to fight with the terminal anymore? Shut up and take my money!.” – Easy, it’s free.

NOTE: 100% Free of viruses and Trojans. Not available in stores. The author of PiKISS is not responsible if you get bored with your Raspberry Pi because everything is too easy. Online until I wish or Internet is destroyed.

[ Installation ]

Just type:

$ curl -sSL https://git.io/JfAPE | bash

[ Data Files 🚨 ]

Honestly, I just want everything to work without having to fight with the command line. The project has grown a lot, and the games I own and had hosted on the internet, can’t be there because of Copyright. I don’t understand how a game that is older than 15 years old in some cases, has these so restrictive laws in some countries. Someone should do something about it.

My solution to keep this project working is the following: If you have copies saved for your use in the cloud with some service that allows direct download, copy those links in the file res/magic-air-copy-pikiss.txt. You have an example of the order they should follow in res/magic-air-copy-pikiss.examplePiKISS will read the links in that file and install it for you when is required. Compatible and tested hosters: dropbox.com, archive.org.

You can share this file magic-air-copy-pikiss.txt with your brother/sister if you paid half price for the game and if the laws of your country allow it.

[ Update ]

PiKISS check if new scripts are available on remote and update them automatically, but If you want to get the latest version manually, just enter into the directory with cd PiKISS and type:

$ git pull

NOTE: If you use another distribution other than Raspberry OS/TwisterOS, maybe you need to execute the next command: git config –global http.sslVerify false

[ HELP ME! ]

PiKISS grow up according to users requests or I’ll append scripts that I consider necessary, but I call to the community to share, improve and help to add new scripts to the existing one. If the project grow, is up to you.

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