DropBox Uploader

Frustratingly for Raspberry Pi users, there is no Dropbox client available. While you can access the popular cloud storage solution via the Chromium browser (and alternatives are available) a handy command line script might just come to your rescue.

Created by Andrea Fabrizi, this can be installed via the Terminal (or remotely via SSH) with:

git clone https://github.com/andreafabrizi/Dropbox-Uploader.git

Once the GIT file has downloaded, make the script executable and run it:

cd Dropbox-Uploader
sudo chmod +x dropbox_uploader.sh
sudo ./dropbox_uploader.sh

You’ll then be prompted to enter a unique key. This is where things get a little complicated.

Add your access token:
  1. Visit www.dropbox.com/developers and log in with your Dropbox account.
  2. Click Create your app, select Dropbox API, and Full Dropbox, then give the app a unique name (“pi-sync” preceded by your initials, for example) and agree to the Terms and Conditions.
  3. Click Create app to proceed, then copy the App key and App secret strings.
  4. Copy the key into the Terminal window where prompted, and you’ll be able to upload your files to Dropbox.

Use commands formatted like this:

sudo ./dropbox_uploader.sh upload /home/pi/screenplay.odt /docs/screenplay.odt

To summarize, this command calls the Dropbox Uploader script, uses the “upload” command, and syncs the screenplay.odt from its location on the Pi to a new location in the “docs” directory in Dropbox.

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