This is a list of Software that I use for

  • Insync – automatically saves your files to Google Drive – a MUST for today’s user – free trial and if you like it they offer a LIFETIME license.
  • Dropbox – easy to use with excellent Linux support – highly recommended.
  • PuTTy – a indispensable free SSH and Telnet client
  • VNC Viewer – Works very well in Windows
  • Geekbench – Command line benchmark testing for Linux, Windows and Mac – Excellent set of tests that you can save and review with others – FREE TRIAL
  • SD Card Formatter – Useful and simple to use
  • WinSCP – good program to transfer files from Windows to your Raspberry Pi
  • Etcher – burn images to a flash drive – simple, easy and it just works every time. Both Linux and Windows versions available.
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