If your here it seems that you want to know more about this website and it’s creator Timothy Favreau. Grab a cup of your favorite beverage and we will get right into it.

Single-Board.com uploads weekly computing videos. It is produced by Timothy Favreau, who spent a good portion of his life working with computers and electronics.

Tim runs several other websites including professional driving websites, VoiceOfTheDriver.com, and TheCDLPodcast.com. You can learn more about his activities on those pages.

In the past, he also worked for a little company called Kodak in Rochester, NY as a Computer Technician. Specifically, he worked at KAD which was the “Kodak Apparatus Division” in traditional circuit assembly.

As technology progressed he went to work at EKTron which stood for “Eastman Kodak Electronics” where he worked on advanced video systems.

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