Netflix and Amazon Prime Video Now Streaming on Raspberry Pi

There is a great article over at Hackster on how to do this. The article is in-depth and shows exactly what needs to be done. -=Enjoy=-

The Pi 4 doesn’t receive power when used with electronically marked or e-marked USB-C cables, the type used by Apple MacBooks and other laptops.

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has confirmed that the recently released Raspberry Pi 4 won’t work when powered using certain USB-C cables. The low-cost, single-board computer launched at the end of June, and is the first Pi board to use a USB-C power socket. Following reports of certain USB-C cables not working with the Pi 4, …

Raspbian Desktop LoveRPi US Edition for Raspberry Pi Boards

The folks over at LoveRPi announced their customized Raspbian Desktop images for Raspberry Pi boards. This release is based on the 2018-11-13 release of Raspbian Desktop Full with our modifications to improve performance and stability. Modifications: Larger FAT32 partition starting at standard 1MB offset BTRFS root filesystem with compression, checksumming, and metadata duplication Automatic kernel …